A mixtape by Regis, Hidden Summer

OK, so yes, this, technically, was shared last Summer. Still I’ve only just discovered it, and it is currently Summer – in fact London is suffering in an extended heatwave right now, and us London sorts go all sorts of crazy in the heat.

Downwards and Regis need little introduction at this point in their history and career – both are staples of the British electronics underground.

A choice calibre of 12 tracks lay in wait in Karl O’Connor’s Hidden Summer mix tape – The Jesus and Mary Chain, Coil, Current 93, The Cocteau Twins, Einsturzende Neubauten, Death In June all feature.

downwards records · Hidden Summer – Regis Mix Tape

Andi Sex Gang – The Devil’s Golden Hand
Epic Soundtracks – I Wanna Be Free
The Jesus and Mary Chain – Nine Million Rainy Days
Death In June – Hail! The White Grain
Einsturzende Neubauten – Total Eclipse Of The Sun
Wiseblood – Someone Died In My Pool
Current 93 – Summer Of Love
The Willing Sinners – Jackel Jackel
Coil – Ostia (Death Of Passolini)
The Cocteau Twins – Pearly Dew-Drop Drops
Boyd Rice – Someday
Rowland S Howard – Ocean


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