an ambient/drone mix by oiseaux

It’s been ages since we posted up a mix focusing on ambient and more drone based sound. Here’s a recent one from the Budapest based Hungarian producer oiseaux.

imaginary places, distant shores, twilight woods, forgotten moorland, atlantic trade winds, spectral forests, ancestral memory. shit im super listening to in january as a means of escape

I happened across his mix via the mix behemoth that is the ninjamixdump, and it’s a lovely blend of artists most of which you’ll have heard of. Artists like Boards of Canada, King Crimson, Aphex Twin, Tim Hecker, Demdike Stare, Brian Eno, Two Lone Swordsmen and Burial who opens this short but calming mix recording.

oiseaux – January 2012 Ambient/Drone

Burial – Untitled
cLOUDDEAD – Apt. A (side A)
Aphex Twin – Mould
Boards Of Canada – Niagara
Tim Hecker – Border Lines, Pt 1
Edward Artemiev – Stalker Soundtrack: “Meditation”
Demdike Stare – Matilda’s Dream
Brian Eno – Dark Waters
Stars Of The Lid – Low Level Listening, Part 2
King Crimson – The Sheltering Sky
Pink Floyd – Echoes
Two Lone Swordsmen – Six Underground (remix)
William Basinski – Melancholia III
Earth – Crooked Axis For String Quartet
Talk Talk – Myrrhman
Brian Eno – Unfamiliar Wind (Leeks Hills)
Boards Of Canada – Corsair


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