Yves De Mey – Double Slit on Semantica

Svreca’s record label Semantica have always delivered the goods on the 4/4 techno front and they’ve also never been shy of experimenting with the format. Double Slit by Yves De Mey offers up four tracks of slow motion bass  and heavy technoid experimentation that will destroy your chest under the pressure.

The EP opens with my personal favourite track Disperse which soon builds from its initial bursts of static into a deep rolling bass heavy monster with some clever slow/fast beat programming and just the right amount of menace. Double Slit continues like this until the last track Excursions To Intersections which drops the tempo but none of the overall pressure.

Yves seems to be on a roll right now having offered up 2 EPs and an album in the last year; with new material as Sendai (Yves De Mey + Peter Van Hoesen) on the jointly owned Archives Interieures imprint due in  late February.


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