Unknown Precept prep double vinyl ft. Ancient Methods, Casual Violence, Svreca +more

Techno vinyl heads, here’s a heads up for what is sounding like a very nice double 12″ release from Paris label Unknown Precept.

The Black Ideal is our first compilation imagined in close relation with the content of Monograph’s first issue. It is, in a sense, both the climax and the conclusion of a response to the black ideal question ; composed for the occasion of eight unprecedented tracks. It invites eight already well established artists as well as newcomers into different horizons, halfway between incisive primitivist rave-techno and cerebral experimentations — it results in an aesthetic with a background relating to industrial music and soot-blackened sound in cramped basements and dilapidated warehouses ; as well as far darker climes refining the edgy inclinations of modern techno.

Featuring the work of Ancient Methods, Mondkopf (recording with Saåad, Polar Inertia, Shifted, Mancheter’s mighty dark Casual Violence, AnD, Svreca and Violetshaped.

They’re taking pre-orders direct.

A1 Ancient Methods — Guardians of an Eternal Bliss
A2 Saåad with Mondkopf — Last Love
B1 Polar Inertia — Antimatter
B2 Shifted — Untitled
C1 Casual Violence — Beauty Mode
C2 AnD — Reinforcement G
D1 Svreca — Linear
D2 Violetshaped — Black Wisdom, White Witch


Darkfloor Sound. A Label