Listen to Interface, the new EP from Ctrls due soon on Token Records.

Belgium’s Token Records forthcoming release from Ctrls (Troels B-Knudsen) is sounding like some damn fine techno.

Three tracks make up his Interface EP, with the Danish producer going all out. This is some of his first solo work in techno, hailing from a drum & bass background as Pyro. Those of the more nerd among you will already know that together with Lasse Buhl he released some great techno last year, 2 EPs worth as it goes, under the name Northern Structures on Adam X’s Sonic Groove.

Whilst all three tracks are well produced slabs of detailed heavy techno it’s Social Vector that’s getting me all in a tizzy. Available April 23rd.

And – Ctrls put together Token’s mix for April, which is well worth a look if you’re into techno and such. Call it a hunch.


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