Svreca – Obscur. Final / Semantica

Serious sound merchants Semantica released the sixth and final part of label head Svreca‘s Obscur series last month.

On Obscur. Final are two new original pieces supported by four remixes of older work. With Regis, Orphx, Skirt and Silent Servant on the remix duties you know you’re dealing with a weighty, properly done piece of work.

Subtle changes permeate throughout the soundfield; this is deep cerebral stuff from the short and beautiful Regis remix of Utero to the glacial Orphx version of Jade, into the insectoid electrical flutter of Skirt on her version of Jade into the harder grind that is the second of Svreca’s new pieces.

Svreca – Obscur. Final

Svreca – Utero (Regis Invisible Mix)
Svreca – Narratif
Svreca – Jade (Orphx remix)
Svreca – Obscur (Silent Servant remix)
Svreca – Jade (Skirt remix)
Svreca – Post Madrid


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