Dimentia live on ILLFM (Void Tactical Media Tour)

The night before Dimentia (alongside label boss Split Horizon) tore Darkfloor Live apart he gave his machines a workout on North London’s ILL FM. This is that recording.

Recorded direct from the machines that Dimentia is currently trudging around Europe who together with Split Horizon and Key are currently flexing their sound muscle in Berlin.

After, literally, years of listening to IllFM over the big lake it was fantastic to show up at their loft space in Stoke Newington and broadcast some experimental sets on Pitchless Radio. Big thanks to Mark Pitchless, Adam, and everyone else for getting us on the air and spending some time sharing like mind.

If you’re Berlin based you can catch Dimentia on Sept 19th Noiseangriff and at Audiodrome on the 21st. For more details on their tour, check here.


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