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We took our time listening to Chex’s recordings, experimenting with the tracklist.
Putting the strongest tracks in the best flow we could.

From the deep broken step of opener ‘Ankylosaurus Magniventris‘ to the mighty sound system testing acid infused roller ‘Uncertain Future‘. An early favourite, ‘Puxton Bridge‘ melds trippy vocal work into a dark dystopia.

Kitchen Sync‘ goes deep and wide with a beautiful oceanic trip of far off places. A properly serene piece of work. The closer ‘Cumberland Vibe‘ goes deeper still and on vocals is Phat Chex himself with a pensive piece of meditative percussion bubbling underneath. We couldn’t think of a better track of his to close a stunning collection of sound.

Release Date: 03.08.2012
Mastering: Black Monolith Studios
Artwork: makemassair
Notes: Our CDs are replicated discs from a glass master.

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CD, Digital

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