Ursa’s 2014 retrospective mix

Darkfloor affiliate Ursa dropped a 67 minute 2014 retrospective on his fortnightly Panaural show last week. Taking in a smorgasbord of talent, texture and tempo, he’s made the mix available as a standalone stream (and keepsies download).

The full show can be heard over at the Future Music FM archives. If you’re looking for a less obvious best-of-2014 list from someone who does a big more digging that just a rehash of the better written press releases and hype merchants in 2014, his retrospective selection is as good as anywhere to spend an hour and a bit stuffing your ear tunnels with.

So from Lee Gamble to Dalhous via Paul Blackford, Tipper, Aphex Twin, Graze and Duskky – enjoy.

Ursa is back on the radio next week, Thursday January 29th from 2200 GMT.

Ursa – 2014 retrospective

Lee Gamble – You Concrete
LB Dub Corp – LBs Dub
Om unit & Moresounds – Nuff Music
Deft – Perky
Machine Girl – Galatea (Nightwave remix)
Hurtdeer – Yo
Lord Raja – Throw Them Out (System)
Tipper – Table Flipping
Nasty Habits – Shadow Boxing (Om Unit remix)
Heart Drive – Metrodrone
Kimyan Law – Copperclock
Mall Security – Biological Leg Warmers
Paul Blackford – The Third Element
Min-Y-Llan – Pictures in her mind (Christ remix)
Rob Clouth – The Descent
Pat Hine – Wrekin
Alex Banks – A Matter of Time (ft Elizabeth Bernholz)
Duskky – Baphomet
Application – Front End (Pye Corner Audio remix)
Mohammed – Adar Toll
Microburst – Firth
Lurka – KMT
Malou Morkeberg – Zen (Tidewarp remix)
Graze – Thundara
Abdulla Rashim – Red Uprise
Loops Haunt – IIVA (NHK remix)
Aphex Twin – 4 bit 9d api+e+6 [12626]
Sean Piniero – Green Copy (Memotone rewerk)
Untold – Strange Dreams
Clouds – Cybergrind your mind
Paula Temple – Deathvox
Clap! Clap! – Black Smokes, Bad Signs
Drax – Phosphene (The Exaltics remix)
The Bug ft Manga – Function
Milanese – Return to Iacon City
Dalhous – Information is Forever


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