MIX / Gerry Boo – Chicago to Boucher

Another quality selection of tracks from Gerry Boo mixed with passion and thought. As has been somewhat cunningly titled Gerry Boo’s mix goes from Chicago house sounds through to more electro flavoured techno and a tab of acid come the final section.

The tracklist is something that many regular Darkfloorers (not entirely convinced by that term) should be suitably moist in the undergarment area about.

Gerry Boo – Chicago to Boucher

Ability II – Pressure Dub
Dave Aju & The Sol Percussion Ensemble – Flexa
Drrtyhaze – New York City Jacks
West Norwood Cassette Library – Blonde On Blonde (Pearson Sound remix)
Tevo Howard – Crystal Republic
Moodymann – Dem Young Sconies
JTC – Take Em Off
Geeeman – Ghosts
Mark Broom – Got Me Workin
Disco Nihilist – You Never Leave Your Room
Terrence Dixon – Tranquility (Arne Weinberg remix)
Instra:mental – Love Arp
Jolka – Five (Silent Servant remix)
Rory St John – 13bullet
Go Hiyama – Postmodern (Dead Sound & Videohead remix)
Pip Williams – Computer Talk
Ono – Signa (Dirty North End Mix by Mad Mike Banks)
Autonation – Sit On The Bass
Dez Williams – We Just Like To Experiment
Edmx & Yuri Suzuki – Mental Sx-150
Hack The Tab – Blipvert


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