Ursula Frequency – Researching Machine Ecstasy

The illusive and mysterious Ursula Frequency here recorded from a set at Euphorika opening party on September 19th, in Second Life. Warehouse techno fans, get ready.

Ursula Frequency – Researching Machine Ecstasy

Paradise 3001 – High Noon Amazone
Ideal Flow – Robot Tracks
Miss Kittin – Grace (Sleeparchive remix)
Glitchfxxx – Trip To Insanitarium (Vali T remix)
Mark Rogan – Cops Have The Best Dope! (Part 1)
Peter Van Hoesen – Strip It, Boost It
Casual Violence – Those that do not
Death Abyss – The Hermetic Antagonist (mix two)
Maztika – Vault
Asagaoaudio – Blunt Weapon
A.Paul – Present Moment (Bas Mooy remix)
Surgeon – Stringent
Luis Ruiz, Pablo Bosio – Locro
Jeff Mills – Condor To Mallorca
Regis – Borovicka Part1 (Christian Wunsch remix)
Casual Violence – She (Version II)
Kuniaki Takenaga – Cadash Zilva
Paradise 3001 – Once The Magnetic Flow Fails
A.Paul – Option
Gayle San, Exium – The Mob 1
Oscar Mulero – Nothing To Prove
Regis – The Black Freighter
Female – Skin Test
DJ Boss – Medziposchodny (Rumenige redit)
Substance, Vainqueur – Emerge 1 (British Murder Boys remix 2)
Wavemother – Marathon
Luis Ruiz – 9000 Sounds (Pablo Bosio remix)
Charlton – Nie Przyjazny
Rumenige – 2005
Coefficient – Tycho Magnetic Anomaly
Surgeon – Set Two
Karl O’Connor/Peter Sutton/Ian J Richardson – Death Head Said
Scan X – Collapsar
Pacou – X-Factor
Cyp – Fusion
Paradise 3001 – Sunspots (solenoid Version)
Coefficient – The Omega Value
Andariel – What do you want from me
Radial – Bone Collection
Space DJz – The Vault
Polygon Window – Polygon Window
The Advent – Tech Urbana
Exium – Togo Togo
Cyp – Arranging
Exium – Probed In Humans
Claude Young – External
Phase – Decode
Carlos Rios – Against The Atoms
Scan X – Higher – Original Mix
Rino Cerrone – Rilis 7 A1 (The Advent remix)
Andre Walter, Chris Hope – Inform


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