C Mantle

Listen to a mammoth production mix by C Mantle

C Mantle is one of Scotland’s finest.

An early featured artist on Mantis Radio, he’s a talented producer. One that offers a range of sound, sonics and structures to the great pantheon of electronica out in the world. Such is his breadth that Berlin’s Ismus crew hit up the Edinburgh dweller last month for a 45 track strong, all Mantle session. For an comprehensive introduction to the land of Mantle, you’ll find no better.

Showing off his wide range of musical styles and technical mixing ability, the Scot has put together something that’s nothing short of genius. It contains a vast number of tracks produced by himself, both released and unreleased.

It’s really a 2.5 hour journey through all the best parts of electronic music.

Opine Ko$insky – Six and Three Quarter Inches [Acre Recordings]
Opine Ko$insky – The Next In Line [Acre Recordings]
C Mantle – Neither You Nor I [Acre Recordings]
Blakbody – Atmos (C Mantle remix) [Acre Recordings]
C Mantle – 68-02 (For Stephen) [Acre Recordings]
C Mantle – San Jo [unreleased]
C Mantle – Praxic [Earthlings Compilation]
C Mantle – Believe In Me [Ismus]
the wee DJs – Bitch (C Mantle remix) forthcoming
C Mantle – Uncensored Version [Ismus]
C Mantle – Fake It (You’ll Never Make It) [Ismus]
C Mantle – Konsumer Produkt [Bandcamp]
C Mantle – Quarantined [unreleased]
C Mantle – Szimfonia [Acre Recordings]
C Mantle – Abalna Szajaban [Acre Recordings]
Flint Kids – Sancerre (C Mantle remix) [Abstrakt Reflection]
Oyaarss – Umbra (C Mantle remix) [Nukapa]
C Mantle – Sulk [Acre Recordings]
C Mantle- Sativae [Obscuur]
C Mantle – Clotho #6 [unreleased]
C Mantle – Clotho #7 [unreleased]
C Mantle – Lift [Obscuur]
C Mantle – Pure [Obscuur]
C Mantle – The Daily Grind [unreleased]
C Mantle – Inhale the Good Stuff [Ismus]
Ben Businovski – Precision (C Mantle remix) [Bandcamp]
C Mantle – I Would If I Could [Spacebar Sentiments]
C Mantle – Tekne [Acre Recordings]
Carl Finlow – Hashtag (C Mantle remix) [Electrix Records]
C Mantle – Con-Fusion [Acre Recordings]
C Mantle – 235U (Techno Rework) [Acre Recordings]
C Mantle – Glitch (Closing Credits) [Obscuur]
C Mantle – Universal Theme [Subgrade Records]
C Mantle – Glitch [Obscuur]
C Mantle – Broadcast [unreleased]
C Mantle – Two [one] [Acre Recordings]
C Mantle – Shrouder [Section 27]
C Mantle – Brae [unreleased]
C Mantle – Djaevn [Bandcamp]
Opine Ko$insky – The Last King of Scotland (Version) [Acre Recordings]
Opine Ko$insky – All the Way In [Acre Recordings]
Opine Ko$insky – Version (Version) [Acre Recordings]
C Mantle vs Badritch – 3.0 [Acre Recordings]
C Mantle – Sine Wave [Bandcamp]
C Mantle – New Message [unreleased]


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