UK electro talent Mazzula is back.

The Stoke-on-Trent electro/tech producer Mazzula is back in the studio with new material for our collective aural pleasure. And we’ve news that he also has an EP on the horizon for Billy Nasty’s resurrected Electrix label.

Dave Clarke’s been a long time supporter of Mazzula’s electro, even including him in his electro centric FACT mix last month. In 2010 he recorded us a dope session for Mantis Radio, and we couldn’t be happier he’s back.

After a considerable hiatus, his dedication to the electo genre and electronica in general was inevitably to lead to a return. This music is either something you like or hate. Singing with electro? Singing about politics with electro? Far from the norm although recognised by the Baron for its genre defying tendencies and brave attitude.

He’s 2 EPs – Wrong Osbourne and Tuba (cause, you know one just wasn’t enough) freshly available direct via Bandcamp, including his “UKIP of the Dark” remix of Paul Blackford’s Oh Yeah.

Basically, promoters need to get this guy (and his kicking live set) into clubs quick smart.


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