Mazzula, ‘6 cans o’ Red Stripe and I’ll have 10 B&H silver as well please’

The mighty Mazzula weighs in with this heavy mutant electro/step 46 minute live set. One of my favourite producers of 2010 is this guy, delivering unique bass heavy electro.

You can support his hardware endeavour by picking up some his tracks directly via his Bandcamp.

Not really a liveset, more a compilation of recent shit.
Iv been considering giving up on doing ‘ableton live’ live sets, cos peeps dont really understand how LIVE it is, even if you are struggling to fight ya way through 20 tracks of sound.

So, i’m kinda in limbo waiting to earn enough cash, so as I can get mesen a decent drum machine, then, I figure, il be 30% reliant on samples n vst. I’ve done a quick reckon up. And this set cost me around about 100 ish cans of Red Stripe and 16 packs of 10 B&H silver (and nearly a tooth). Apart from the cost of the mac, the nord lead, liquid mix, kaos pad and a couple of random soundcards. Hmmmmm, think on…

However, we shall plod on…


Mazzula – 6 cans o’ Red Stripe and I’ll have 10 B&H silver as well please.

Cynthia Stern – Follow (Mazzula Rework)
Mazzula – Arp Denial
Mazzula – Two Oscillators are Enough
Mazzula – Harsh Boy
Mazzula – Untitled
Mazzula – Purple Patches
Mazzula – Trance Bitch
Mazzula – D3d B3ar
Mazzula – Oh Ah Drama


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