A coloured silhouette of Warcrimes' Seth and Script

Industrial duo Warcrimes callout for remix collaboration.

Warcrimes, the US industrial duo who we showcased on Mantis Radio recently and released as part of our Winter Solstice compilation for 2020, have put a call out for collaborators. They’ve an upcoming project and are looking for artists and producers interested in getting involved with remixing and versioning their material. Warcrimes are combat veterans who joined forces last year, who meld a variety of styles and influences into their industrial music.

Get in touch with Script and Seth through their Bandcamp.

We have a upcoming project and since we view our selves as a fucked up home for artists. we would love to collaborate, remix and we especially want to support and promote your work!!! We also distribute music for free and take no credit or claim. We want to drown out the trashy music and fill it with the brutal beating that it deservers (an army of actual artists and bands without having any attachment or contracts to share their art to the mass).

So for those of you who are musically inclined and would like to contribute musically to our upcoming project please feel free to message us and we will give you the details… Or if you want a song or album uploaded too we are just an email away.

With Love from New York!

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