Two mixes from Diskore.

Right. Coming at ya – two mixes from Praxis affiliate and LA’s party collective Dark Matter – Diskore.

The first of his mixes I want to highlight is a fierce collection of grime, glitch, and electroid techno. From Molez and Plant43 to Mumdance & Logos, Jam City, Ingen & Boris Noiz, to Blackmass Plastics, Diamond Version and Eomac. The frequencies are all up.

The second mix I want to draw attention to is another recent one of his, this time operating in a 175+ bpm attack formation armed with sub bass doused drums. It’s got more grunt and demonic possession than most people need in their lives – but hey it’s Friday. The weekend is a-coming. With music from Somatic Responses, Limewax, DJ Hidden, WMX, Split Horizon, Electromeca, Moresounds, Stazma the¬†Junglechrist and Dead Fader, your ears are will need some serious downtime afters.

Diskore – 06/07/14

Molez – Allghoi Khorkhoi [Acre Recordings]
Electromeca – Steam Funk [Acroplane Recordings]
Plant43 – Frozen Monarch [Frustrated Funk]
Lumisokea – Flares [Opal Tapes]
Ingen & Boris Noiz – Symbols [Combat Recordings]
AHK – Magnetic Monster [Nodezero Electronics]
Mumdance & Logos – Legion [Tectonic]
Acre – Hyperreality [Lost Codes]
Mantrum – Incision [Spin Dynamics]
Jam City – Bells [Night Slugs]
Eomac – Mika Riddim [Killekill]
James Marrs – Waves [James Marrs]
AQF – Indust Thus Mountains [AQF]
Egyptrixx – Axis (Intro) [Night Slugs]
Clouds – Future 1 [Turbo]
Blackmass Plastics – Dial M [badsekta.com]
Samename – Gishiki [Pelican Fly]
Swarm Intelligence – Thrash [Acroplane Recordings]
FiNa Rodrigez – April [Western Panorama Recordings]
Purple – Supreme (IVVVO Remix) [Wedidit Collective]
WMX – Weatherhead [Darkmatter Soundsystem]
Diamond Version – Turn On Tomorrow [Mute]
Clatterbox – Power Surge [DJK Productions]

Diskore – M4R! 05/31/14

Ruffhouse & Clarity – Persecute [Modulations]
Somatic Responses – K-141 Kursk [Viral Conspiracy Records]
Grr – The Sign Of The Elders [Sub/Version]
The Panacea – Uberbomb [L/B Recordings]
Lucio De Rimanez – To Be A Robot
Katharsys – Nothing Left [Barcode Recordings]
Limewax – Riget [PRSPCT Recordings]
Syrinx – Existence
Forbidden Society – Bodycount VIP
DJ Hidden – Scintillate [Sustained Records]
Moresounds – Shtrakstep [Cosmic Bridge]
Resurrector – Legacy
Stazma The Junglechrist – Your Computer Is Under Arrest [Acroplane Recordings]
WMX – Physics Of Light [Form & Structure]
Split Horizon – Deepwinter
Spaceface – Shadow Lock [ACME Bass Records]
Electromeca – Cruisin For Concrete [Acroplane Recordings]
Ronin – Styles Binge
Minion – Breaknek
Noizecreator – Untitled #Thirtysix [Praxis]
Japan – Burning Bridges
Dead Fader – Hiphoop [Robot Elephant Records]


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