Rogue Frequency drops a mix for technoBass

Technobass are pretty direct in what they focus on. I’ll give you one guess, each month they hit up a producer/DJ for a feature mix, for December they hit up the Irish producer Rogue Frequency.

By all accounts he’s a fairly fresh name to the electro scene but already has some quality tracks released on the Takeover Recordings label which we here at darkfloorHQ rate pretty highly. Technobass had the following to say about their December feature mix:

Dave Hayden, aka Rogue Frequency, first made his debut on the Irish label, “Takeover Recordings“, on their “Response Unit 1” compilation. If you have been keeping track of recent material like the new “Stimulus” 12″ E.P. by Matt Flanagan aka DeFeKT, or digital releases by Thatboytim, T-Polar, or Therarelowry, then surely by now you have heard of this new and fantastic imprint.

Having recently followed up with his first E.P. “Dark Technologies”, Rogue Frequency has been displaying the serious amount of talent this up and coming artist has to offer. Lush strings, extremely well crafted beats, partnered up with some of the funkiest sequences, make for an extraordinary ride through the sub-tonal underworld of Rogue Frequency.

This live set, exclusively for, features a wide range of released and unreleased songs, a couple of improvised live jams, even a remix by DeFeKT; packing up 38 minutes of some of hardest and classiest Techno Bass you’ve heard in a while.

Rogue Frequency – Dec 2010 mix for technoBass

Rogue Frequency – Default [unreleased]
Rogue Frequency – Imposter [unreleased]
Rogue Frequency – Android Attack [Takeover Recordings]
Rogue Frequency – Free Fall [Takeover Recordings]
Rogue Frequency – Meet My Moog [unreleased]
Rogue Frequency – Forgotten Secrets [Takeover Recordings]
Rogue Frequency – Live Jam Recording [unreleased]
Rogue Frequency – E Is For Electronic [unreleased]
Rogue Frequency – Live Jam Recording [unreleased]
Rogue Frequency – Zero Hour [unreleased]
Rogue Frequency – Forgotten Secrets (DeFeKT remix) [Takeover Recordings]


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