Inigo Kennedy

Inigo Kennedy – TS0005

So as we enter into May, Inigo Kennedy unveils another TS mix, the fifth so far, and it’s another belter from the techno virtuoso. If you’ve picked up any of his previous mixes this year or indeed caught his excellent showcase session for Mantis Radio at the tail end of last year then you know what to expect. Darkly, deep, industrialite techno with a subtle undercurrent of IDM sensibilities.

Straight on the headphones goes this one guys.

Samuli Kemppi – Quantum Mechanics (Pas Quantum Dub edit) [Mote020]
Isodyne and Inigo Kennedy – Lagrange Point (Jonas Kopp Argatian remix) [SADIG005]
Chevel – Trevisun (Donor Distress remix) [SADIG005]
Milton Bradley – Distorted Reality [BEAT04]
Milton Bradley – Psychological Drama [BEAT03]
Inigo Kennedy – Cloudless [Semantica035]
Milton Bradley – On A Day The Light Went Out [BEAT02]
Inigo Kennedy – Yearning [Semantica035]
Inigo Kennedy – Quagmire [TOKEN017]
Inigo Kennedy – Revenge [dub]
Inigo Kennedy – Filaments [TOKEN010]
Arrestar – Thoughts & Emotions (Inigo Kennedy remix) [TOKEN012]
Makaton – When The State Kills [Mak008]
Surgeon – Cable [DNCD01]
Milton Bradley – Feel Forgotten [BEAT01]
Rumenige & Loktibrada – 2010 [Uff007]
Makaton – Turnin Contamination [Mak002]
Oscar Mulero – Seleccion Naturel [Wu26lp]
Victor Martinez – The Infiltrator Part 2 (Original Mix) [Sect010]
Coefficient – Scale Invariant Spectrum [Mrecltd07]
Inigo Kennedy – Hamingjusamur [Asymp3012]
Inigo Kennedy – Slipstream [Asymp3017]
Inigo Kennedy – Runway Dreams [Rn009]
Makaton – Diet Staple [Mak004]
Oscar Mulero – 46 (Re-Work) [Wu26lp]
Forward Strategy Group – Inside The Shadows (Dadub Metropolis remix) [SADIG006]
Elektrabel – Heli 29 [Mission04]
Robert Pain – Chapter Vii [Black Queen]
O/V/R – Post-Traumatic Son (Marcel Dettmann MDR Version) [BP030.3]
Robert Pain – Chapter V [Black Queen]
Elektrabel – Lash [Mission04]
Inigo Kennedy – Mnd Iii [unrleased]

Recorded May 1, 2011.


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