MIX / Dialect – Technokracie Studios

Bit of an older mix this seeing as it was recorded back in early September 2010. Still it’s lost none of its impact with its choice of industrially flavoured, cold calculated techno.

The tracklist has plenty of the decent and dependable artists pushing this sound: Asagaoaudio, Surgeon, Reeko, Voidloss, Exium, Ancient Methods, Casual Violence and the now defunkt British Murder Boys. Simply, if you like them, you’ll like this.

Put together by Dialect, the Czechoslovakian DJ and producer involved with Czech techno collective technokracie (for which this mix was produced) and netlabels ante-rasa and kaktusrecordings.

Dialect – Technokracie Studios mix

Asagaoaudio – MBT
Dominik Müler – Ich Bin Aus Oberschlesien (Baeks First remix)
Tomohiko Sagae – Thallium
Speedy J – Punnik
Orphx – Burning Flags (Surgeon remix)
Ancient Methods – Else (Ugandian Methods remix)
Dominik Müler – Lipiny (Casual Violence remix)
Surgeon – Shaper of the Unknown
British Murder Boys – Learn Your Lesson
Reeko – The Silent Citizen
Arrestar – Thoughts & Emotions
Black Smith Craft – Cold Shoulder
Black Smith Craft – Cold Shoulder (Arrestar remix)
Voidloss – Abd
Agony Forces – About Physics
Kike Pravda – Ghost (Oscar Mulero remix)
Exium – Black Hole
Asagaoaudio – Last Dance
Inigo Kennedy – China Rising (Casual Violence remix)


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