Ontal’s Abyssal mix

Freshly upped is a new 60 minute slaughterhouse of tech from the Serbian originals for Abyssal.

Ontal’s Boris on the mix –

Some of the forthcoming Ontal tracks are also featured and as we get permission from labels, we’ll start removing the censored parts from the tracklist

Løt.te – Graft [New York Trax]
Ancient Methods – Born Of Ashes [Persephonic Sirens]
SC-164 – Tracked [Subapical]
Phase Fatale – Hollow Flesh [Unterton]
Operant – New Limbs [Instruments Of Discipline]
Steve Stoll – She Rises Up [New York Trax]
Ascetic – Exegesis (Unhuman remix) [Instruments Of Discipline]
Melania – Confirmatio (Katran remix) [aufnahme + wiedergabe]
Løt.te – Ultra Vires [New York Trax]
MSLWTE – Clang [HC Records]
Kondaktor – Fokionos Negri [Abstract Reality]
Minimum Syndicat – Ruchus [AOC Records]
Blush Response – Instrumentality [Sonic Groove]
Endlec – Age Of Darkness [Mord]
///// – Viral Risk Management [////////]
Umwelt – Slave To The Rave [Rave Or Die]
Stingrays – Wide Circle [Relocked]
The Exaltics – Vierundvierzig [Repitch]
Innsyter – Todis [Contort Yourself]
Kamikaze Space Programme – Tony [Poverty Is Violence]
///// – Assembly Line [////]
/// – /// (Ontal remix) [///]
Ryuji Takeuchi – Level Of Consciousness [Local Sound Network]
S.K.E.T. – Zond [Hands Productions]
///// – Jackhammer [////]
D. Carbone – Comma Wave [Repitch]
Cressida – Ultra Violence [Voitax]
///// – Zero Signal [////////]
Obsoleet – Syntaxic [Maladaptive Patterns]


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