Dave Paton (wee djs)

the wee djs – live at ComputerControlled, 2004

Unremitting, sometimes grating, hard, industrial live electro from one of Scotland’s finest producers, the wee djs. In his own words:

Found this set on an old disk, didn’t realise i had it. I remember the gig itself went pretty bad, it was the second CC and the first one had apparently been really busy and went off great. Fair play to the CC guys, they had plastered big posters all over town with my name on them all big n stuff. Unfortunately it would appear noone had heard of me.

When i played it was pretty quiet and i had to endure one guy constantly asking me to play autechre or radioactive man with me replying, ‘do you see any fucking decks here mate?’

the wee djs – Live at ComputerControlled, 2004



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