the wee djs – Drive

For someone who supposedly retired his electro alias the wee djs some 2 years ago, Dave Paton just cannot resist returning to his machines; and all the better for it in my opinion. His distinctive take on electro is raw, dark, oddly deep and consistently on point. His music is produced on a variety of hardware and it feels it, sure it sounds like it, but my point is, you feel it in his music.

Drive, his latest, and the first of 7 EPs in a new series, is classic wee djs. Playful, twisted raw electro that Paton makes all his own. This isn’t your often used ‘dystopian’ brand sound, this is more deranged, revealing introspective demons should you let it. On the face of it is it dancefloor, ice cool and very electronic, perhaps even abstract; but it is also hard, textured, mental dissident.

And I just cannot get enough of his work, thankfully most of his sizeable back catalogue is available direct from his thismachineisbroken imprint, including this EP.

Highlights: the otherworldly Pound, and call to arms Not stoned anymore. My one gripe, if you can call it that, is the tracks mostly just sort of fade out rather than reach a conclusion. This isn’t going to be concern to anyone other than those of you planning to mix these tracks in your DJ sets, just pay attention, otherwise you’ll be caught out. Available now as a pay-what-you-want download.

Mr Paton, thank you, we look forward to the second in this series.

the wee djs – Drive

the wee djs – Give
the wee djs – Suck it
the wee djs – Zero effort
the wee djs – Not stoned anymore
the wee djs – Pound
the wee djs – Shun


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