the noises of Shoom from HTMLoser

On last night’s Mantis Radio show I played a Theta by HTMLoser taken from the recent Zimmer Records compilation One Hundred. Tracklisting the archive I happened across their Bandcamp where along with the track I played were 4 other tracks released last November as Shoom.

I don’t know anything about this artist at present – though the album has been tagged as ‘Russia’ – so it’s safe to assume they’re based in Russia. Previously known as Nasienie  – they’ve have had several releases on netlabels Webbed Hand Records, Qulture Production and Noise Reactor.

The EP is lovely stuff – full of drone’y, electro-acoustic sound. But the rain like noise with the hypnotic machine whine on HATE is quite sometime all its own – simple, minimal and captivating.

The artwork for Shoom is from Allan Kaprow’s Comfort Zones (1975)


Darkfloor Sound. A Label