HU, live at Standa Old School, Subclub

Yup, time for more techno. You love it, we love it, HU loves it.

HU heads up the Slovakian Backstage Records label and with this recent recording of his at Standa Old School Club, it’s clear he has some rather tasty taste in techno.

HU – Live at Standa Old School, Subclub

Olga+Jozef – 7 [Olga+Jozef]
Rino Cerrone – 2.5 [Rilis]
Planetary Assault System – Coad Warrior 2 [Peacefrog]
Jeff Mills – The Purpose Maker [Axis]
Diversion Group – Playground Procedure [Downwards]
Magenta – Fascinating Sounds [Syl:Label]
Regis & Female – Gayscene [Downwards]
Pacou – State Of Mind [Tresor]
James Ruskin – Cipher [Blueprint]
Exium – Expect Nothing [Tsunami Rec]
Dave Clarke – Southside [Deconstruction]
Hardcell – Volta [Palicavonzvreca]
Hardcell – Morning Hours [Skunkworks]
The Advent – Recreations (Regis mix) [Kombination Research]
Tony Thomas – Zulu Groove [Advanced]
Christian Wunsch – Master Avalanche [Im Records]
Hiroaki Iizuka – Slapback Ep [Coda Rec]
Hiroaki Iizuka – Haze Ep [Coda Rec]
Olga+Jozef – Housky A Koblihy (Drupi Remix) [Antidandruff]
Pacou – Bimbasrepublik D [Palicavonzvreca]
Aquatrax – XII [Aquatrax]
Surgeon – La Real [Counterbalance]
Surgeon – Communications [Downwards]
Surgeon – Basictonal Vocabulary [Tresor]
Anthony Vieira – Merino Ep [Sheep]
Michalangelo – Untitled [Labrynth[
James Ruskin – Divide Part Two [Blueprint]
James Ruskin – Point Two [Tresor[
DJ Shufflemaster – Exp [Tresor]
Christian Wunsch – Unexpected [Sheep]
Damon Wild – Subtractive Synthesis [Synewave]
Damon Wild – Opaque (Surgeon Mix) [Synewave]

recorded 01/10/2010


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