Unclean (DBIAPB) recorded live at Tresor, October 2013

As half of one of the best named DJ duo out there, Dead Baby In A Plastic Bag (DBIAPB), Unclean knows his way around proper techno. Reaching deep with excellent selections, deft programming and tight mixing means his mixes stand up tall amongst and against the many thousands of recordings the internet and clubs offload on weekly. Upped a few weeks ago to SoundCloud is his set from October where he graced the hallowed halls of Berlin’s mighty Tresor.

There’s everything here you’d want in a proper techno set, from the cerebral headspace work to the full on grind thud.

Ondness – A Mantra For 2013
Shxcxchcxsh – Slvrbbl
Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement – These Spirits Are Thought…
Concrete Fence – Industrial Disease
Kerridge – A Shadow Cast
Perc – Work Softer (Desonanz remix)
Spherical Coordinates – SCJKN-06
Regis – Untitled
Oscar Mulero – Transversal
Systemic – Blot
Ajtim – Fay
Monica Hits The Ground – Reduced Life Expectancy 1 (Regis remix)
James Ruskin – Into A Circle
Heron & Tim Grothe – Spark Plug (DJ Shufflemaster Shinjuku By Night remix)
The KVB – I Only See The Lights (Shifted Version)
Abdulla Rashim & Axel Hallqvist – Mark
X-Men – Untitled
Ducerey Ada Nexino – Pollenshed
Ducerey Ada Nexino – Farewell Cloak
Dino Sabatini Meets Donato Dozzy – Telemacus
Subjected – 005.7 (Shifted Reduction)
CTRLS – Displacer (Sleeparchive Version 2)
Regis – Barriers
Plaster – Uret
Sturqen – 39
Shifted – Bloodless
Violet Poison – Osiris Antichrist
Lakker – Asvattha
Marcel Dettmann – Corebox (James Ruskin 3rd Version)
Yuji Kondo + Katsunori Sawa/Steven Porter – Moonlight Graham
Pfirter – New State Of Consciousness
The Black Dog – Broken Mind (Regis remix)
Chrislo – 2 CV D’Orion (Regis Berlin Mix)
Valanx – Daughters Of The Everfire (Yves De Mey remix)
Emptyset – Avichi


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