Studiofeed’s The Art of the Remix

Over at Studiofeed, Philip James de Vries wrote a piece on the art of the remix that resonates with my thoughts on them from both a label point of view and at a more general level, a consumer of the music.

One of the most common arguments involving the artistic integrity of remixes, is whether the functionality of a remix supersedes judgment of the piece as its own creative work. Remixes can fulfill important aspects of a release irrespective of if a particular remix is a creatively powerful piece of music or not.

Contributing to Vries piece The Art of the Remix – Functionality, Creativity & Collaboration are Blake Sutherland of Wide Angle Recordings and recent Mantis Radio showcased guest Jesse Somfay aka Borealis of Origami Sound.

With the ongoing proliferation of digital only labels I’ve really started to notice these releases where it is one alright track backed up with 6 or 7 remixes, often all in a similar style. Do you really need 6 techno remixes of a techno track on the same release? No you don’t. It is, as the article touches on, filler material.

From hosting the Mantis Radio show I get sent pre-release promo material and I can get a good early indication of how strong the release will be from how many remixes it comes with. This is even before listening to it. Strong, original tracks need less help in the form of remixes to gain interest and traction.

Curation is key. If you’ve got one great track don’t dilute it with 6 versions of what is effectively the same thing. A good remix, for me, is a re-contextualization.

Take a read of the piece and let’s hear your thoughts as many of you produce music as well as listen and DJ it.


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