The 24 track comp released to support Gayrussia

Recently Russia passed an anti-gay law that made being homosexual illegal, and punishable by imprisonment, which in the 21st century is quite hard to stomach for a developed nation (or even a developing one for that matter). There are protests happening but free speech is not something the Russian authorities are really into.

At all.

Read the quite frankly disgusting and disturbing open letter imprisoned Pussy Riot member Nadezhda Tolokonnikova wrote recently explaining why is she on hunger strike. Is Russia in the dark ages or something?

The good folk behind Gayrussia are trying to raise awareness (and funds) on the illegality of being homosexual in the motherland – as part of their effort they have enlisted the help of some fine techno & electronics producers who have donated work to a 24 track compilation. The comp contains work from Perc, Legowelt, Truss, Scanner, Huerco S, Borealis, Hieroglyphic Being, Rude 66, Leyland James Kirby and others.

Since the decriminalization of voluntary homosexual relationship in 1993, virtually nothing has been done for the LGBT community in Russia. Under these conditions, a small group of activists led by Nikolai Alexeyev decided to found an organization of direct action in order to bring the LGBT community of anonymity and gradually achieve the recognition of the rights of sexual minorities in Russia.

Legowelt – Rivers III
Hieroglyphic Being – A Joyful Noise
Kid Machine – Flight Manoeuvres
Baz Reznik – One Nation
Drvg Cvltvre – The United States Of Fuck You
Truss – Roath
Scanner – Citta
Just So Nah – Six O’ House
De Tuinen – Gay Pride
Cottam – Slo March
Chris Moss Acid – Acid Box 2
KiNK & Neville Watson – Heavy Sweat
Rude 66 – Sliding Backwards Into Darkness
Leyland James Kirby – The Archaic And Modernism In Russian Culture
Kitbuilders – I Try (V-Mix)
Erikoismies – Tomtar I En Slang
Archie Koba – Capital Trauma
Antoni Maiovvi – Ain Love Immortal
Mintdeluxe – MDI
Run Dust – Justify Your Fine
Huerco S. – Azhjjtee
Borealis – Jawberry
Perc – The Slow Path
Meibion – Calon


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