remix From A Tree Records duo Fabrics

Back in October Vasilis from production duo Fabrics got in touch letting me know of a remix competition that they, together with label From A Tree Records had launched.

Unfortunately it got lost in the midst of my at times vast and messy inbox. I have since apologised to the duo when I noticed their email late yesterday afternoon, and in doing so discovered the deadline had been extended for a further month until December 31st 2011.

So as there is now some time to put something together there exists this article to inform you, dear reader, of its existence. Many of you are established, upcoming or budding producers who will find much in the available remix parts and stems they’ve provided for the competition. The prize for the winner/s is that they will make up the remix album From A Tree were planning to release at the end of the year. No doubt this will be moved accordingly into early 2012 but you get the idea.

Check out the original tracks taken from their FABRICS LP, and grab the stems together with the entry guidelines terms & conditions and full information.

Best of luck those of you who enter, I’m really looking forward to hearing what comes out of this.


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