The Future Sound of London – Electric Brain Storms vol. 7

The production duo Gaz Cobain and Brian Dougans aka The Future Sound of London need little introduction and neither as one might assume are they lying dormant in their studio. Far from it. They continue to push their unique soundscape audio structures unleashing new material as they tread (including releasing work from Darkfloor fave Herd)

Their Environments series is to have a 4th chapter release soon, but until then, and something that I’d missed until earlier today is the 7th edition of their Pod Room mix series; Electric Brain Storms. Those who remember the Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble series on Kiss will know where this is going.

Whilst I am a huge fan of the FSOL I don’t follow their movements as well as I perhaps should nor as others do. Indeed FSOL are somewhat notorious for being vague about releases, whether it’s new material or long lost DATs resurfacing. Importantly thou it’s all high grade sound that continues to assert to me just why I regard FSOL as one of my all time favourite artists in sound or otherwise.

The tracklist for this mix will eventually surface, as they have for the previous 6. Until then they’ve released some of the artists they selected:

“FSOL, EMS+Piano, Park, Seafar, Bainbridge Brothers, 1973 Electronics Group, Yage, Daniel Pemberton, Polemical, Riz Maslen, Broadcast of Variants, Second Thought.”

Available now, direct and only from their FSOLdigital site.

“I’m on my way out
for something to see
to remember for the rest of my days”


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