Split Horizon live at KlangSynthese Berlin

Recently upped, this is the final recording from Split Horizon on Void Tactical Media’s recent European tour.

For the past few months label boss Split Horizon together with Dimentia and Key have been touring Europe; hitting Berlin hard as well as Madrid, Vienna, Graz, Krakow, Prague and London.

So, strap in for a raw hour of broken techno bass festering within twisted machine electronics. This stuff’s heavy.

Towards the end of our stay in Berlin, we did a Squall FM web broadcast from KlangSynthese. Good food and friends accompanied our show, which consisted of Key, Simon Kor Funkle, Dimentia, Lain, and myself. This was my final set in Europe for 2012, and here’s what I improvised on this night: something distorted and a bit techno.

Back in September, at our final Darkfloor Live event of 2012, we were honoured to present both Split Horizon and label mate Dimentia as part of their European tour. Both went above and beyond delivering immense walls of sound and captivating live performances. Split Horizon’s recording will be published next week on our Darkfloor in Session podcast (with Dimentia’s to follow soon after) so keep an eye out for that.

Split Horizon live at KlangSynthese Berlin


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