Mazzula’s 2012 live set.

Back in late March we wrote about UK electro man Mazzula‘s return to the studio. In addition to new material due soon (keep reading), here’s an hour live set from 2012ish from the Stoke-on-Trent based producer. In his own words it features some drunken idiot thinking he can sing with the aid of a Kaos pad.

I did a live set at a party for the release of the Photons EP a couple of years ago. I can’t remember if this was the actual recording or not. Still, its about as live as it comes.

Songs people may know kick in at about 30 mins.

In related Mazzula news, that Electrix EP we mentioned back in March is coming and not only are we getting Mazzula tracks cut to wax, but on the A side, electro tracks from Cisco Ferreira aka The Advent. Oh hell yes. For more on that, check here.

Unfortunately his Photons EP is currently available but last month Mazzula released – Orbited.


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