Ingen’s live set from Corsica Studios 28.02

London promoters Jaded are Corsica Studios weekly after hours techno party. Taking over control of the south London clubbing bastion from 5am into 3pm Sunday afternoon, presenting many a decent European DJ and live performer along the way. One such of the latter is Scotland’s Ingen, a personal favourite and one half of our own Darkfloor duo Savagen.

Back in February he ventured down from Edinburgh to Elephant & Castle to deliver 90 minutes of a brand new live set. French mix series Køsmos recently published the set, their 85th in the series, together with a short interview. Ingen has since offered up a download option on SoundCloud.

An interview w/ Ingen by Køsmos

What is your producing set up?
My main recording setup consists of a desktop pc running Ableton and Reaktor. I run a few hardware boxes in there too. I use the Atomo Mochika and the Dreadbox Erebus for strange modulations and sequencing along with the Analog RYTM. Field recording goes a long way too. I always have my H4N on me to catch sounds out in the wild.

Can you tell us more about your collaboration with Savier as SAVAGEN?
SAVAGEN is a project Gregg (Savier, Raw Village Hall) and I put together a few years ago as an excuse to make as much noise as we could. It’s really fun as we both set each other no limits and can basically do whatever we want. Our sessions can get a bit crazy, but we like it that way and we usually end up making music we never set out or intended too. We had our first release on Darkfloor a couple of years ago.

What do you think about the new wave of industrial techno?
I love it! There’s been so much good new music, it’s hard to keep up.

Can you tell us your point of view about the UK techno scene?
From what I see of it, it seems really healthy. Especially London, Glasgow and Edinburgh. I’ve had some amazing experiences over the past year. With the likes of Vox and Jaded in London, Unknown Entities in Glasgow with their DSR sound system and SLVR in Edinburgh. They all have some amazing underground guests coming up.

If you have to hold one record, which one will be?
BMB – Don’t Give Way To Fear.

What is for you a great DJ?
Someone who can play a varied set. Or anyone that sounds like Myler.. haha

Some words about your upcoming releases and projects ?
Lots of things in the pipeline. A remix for Ayarcana is about to drop on PLS.UK, a new vinyl VA on Bombtrap alongside Ontal, Scalameriya and Blush Response and a remix for Si Begg. Some other stuff too, but I need to be a bit hush hush.


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