reviewed, Subeena’s ‘Neurotic’ / Opit Records

The Planet Mu signed Subeena drops her new release, Neurotic, on her own Opit Records. She’s one of those producers who can nail a great bass track yet add a deft touch of musicality to proceedings, none of that simplistic single bassnote nonsense for this girl.

Kicking off the 4 track release is Neurotic, a technoid stepping number with a subtle fractured crackling vibe to the production. Complete with an off kilter vocal making me think of Björk in how it flows. Quality stuff from Subeena once again. I’ll need to confirm this with her, but I do believe it’s her on vocals.

Following closely behind is Wishful Talk. Echoes of uplifting and euphoric progressive powered house coming out of this track for me, backed up with a hefty sub. Crossing the line between underground dancefloor sound and pop song sensibility, this track could hold it’s own quite well in the fickle and over manufactured pop music industry, but by no means do I imply that this is of that ilk or formulaic polished tat that has so adorned the popular ‘hit parade”. This is wonderful carefree sound and a joy to listen to.

First of the 2 remixes of Wishful Talk comes courtesy of Egyptrixx who I’ve always known for being a bit more ghetto that his effort on this release. I like it, it’s a chugging bleeping techy 4/4 roller that is going for that big mnml techno sound so championed in Europe and everywhere right about now. The drones are a nice touch making it just different enough to stand it’s own. Equally at home in Dalston as it would be in Ibiza.

Finishing off the 3rd release on Opit, Ghosts on Tape turn in the 2nd remix of Wishful Talk. A broken beat kicks of proceedings, giving it totally different feeling to both the original and Egyptrixx efforts, which is great. Hypnotic, funky and actually bloody good, strongest track on offer.

A good release by Subeena this one, not as strong overall for me as the 1st 2 releases on Opit (those being the inaugural Picture/Spectrum by Subeena and the mighty Dasein EP from Milyoo). But the Ghosts on Tape remix is absolute quality. For that track alone this EP is worth your attention.

Out now, everywhere, that sells it.

Subeena – Neurotic

Subeena – Neurotic
Subeena – Wishful Talk
Subeena – Wishful Talk (Egyptrixx remix)
Subeena – Wishful Talk (Ghosts On Tape remix)


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