Somatic Responses – Giauzar

When a prolific duo has been releasing music since 1995 it’s easy to have gaps in your collection. Welsh brothers John and Paul Healy, better known as Somatic Responses, may well be aware of this as an album of theirs from 8 years back has been made available on a pay-what-you-want option through Bandcamp.

Giauzar first saw release as a CD back in March 2006 on Canada’s Sublight Records. The vinyl EP, some 7 tracks, would follow a few months later, June, on Hymen Records. If like me you missed it first time around here you go.

From the beatless wide angle soundtrack drone opening of Split; through the clanking melody of B Boy 3000 and its sludgy dripping drum beat; to the industrialised end of days stomp of Shell, Giauzar is an album of abrasive, mutated and narly electronics from masters of the craft. Part futuristic, part demonic, part classic (or retro depending on your take on things). Just take a listen to the head nodding roller – Heliuminium: or the scratch’y meets stompy IDM of Mixed Bag.

Electronic music has a very real habit of dating fast, of being of it’s time. These days, that time can be 3 weeks over the summer. Or less than that even, such is the fickle market; tastemakers and the sheer bulk volume of music that flies through any given day. With that being said, Giauzar doesn’t fall into that trap – it doesn’t sound like it’s almost a decade old. And it doesn’t sound so current that next week it will be back on the pile never to be heard from again. Sadly, the fact that is doesn’t sound current means that many will over look this, and that’s a shame. But hey, that’s their problem, not ours.


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