Bil Bless returns as Son Of The Electric Ghost with rots 0.1

“everyone resurrected”

He has. Bill Kinman AKA Bil Bless AKA The Disciple Grin AKA (and most known as) Son of the Electric Ghost AKA SOTEG AKA one half of Skeetaz is back; with a two track EP: rots 0.1. You may be confused by all those alter egos, but you can’t miss his style.

After a long break, this mysterious musical genius from Texas returns and releases through his own Bless Records; only available in digital formats on Addictech or direct through his Bandcamp.

Let’s see what we’ve got here. It’s been a while, but he continues where he left off in 2011. Same style. Same quality.

Those remarkable glitchy beats and rolling, bubbling basslines paired with bleeping, edgy, sharp sounds. It crunches and spits you out. A heavy release with a lot of energy whilst still being intelligent.

If you love SOTEG’s stuff from way back you’ll definitely love, as I do, this one.

And about the EP title – seems like there’s gonna be a rots 0.2. So, just another ghost from the past? I hope not.

Son Of The Electric Ghost – rots 0.1

Bil Bless – bring the sun down
Bil Bless – yours forever


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