Galaxian’s ‘Repent’ LP on Transient Force

Back in the days of MySpace, you know before the mighty Soundcloud, I came across Galaxian.

A Glasgow producer, specialising in future sounding heavy dark electro. He was featured on the 36th Mantis Radio show back in April 2009 and by all accounts laid down a truly awesome set:

Galaxian put together 221 layers/tracks of sound with about 75% of his set constructed exclusively for the show.

Following on from last years 7 track End of Forever EP comes his first LP and first release on AS1’s electro focused and highly regarded label – Transient Force. This is on top of his releases for DJ Stingray’s Micro Audio Detroit, Doppelganger Records, Solar One Music, Paul Blackford’s Militant Science, Black Montanas and Z-Bop.

Repent is 9 tracks of fuzzy, heavy, dark, trippy electro. Complete with sharp drums, filter tipped hats and sub through the floor. Out now as a digital release on Transient Force with vinyl to follow this February.

Coming up a short track by track reaction to the 46 minutes of fine Scottish electro as presented by Galaxian on his Repent LP.

In at the top comes A Fighter. Like rain this track builds up it’s elements culminating in a great opener, together with what appears to be a conversation between parent and child, about what, we can only attempt to listen in.

False Flag. Dank and militant beginnings with distant distorted vox leading into a wet broken techno vibe. Fuzzy murky scifi warehouse beats.

Autorun. Kicking it up a notch with a beefy pounder, sharp, jackin and acid infused. Just what the Doc ordered really.

If You Want. Bass heavy thudding the neighbours are going to hate. Thundering along like’s the soundtrack to an alien warehouse rave.

Monom. Offbeat, glitchy and altogether at times unsettling comes this little skit track midway through the album.

Heavy with that Detroit swagger comes the downbeat edit of Repent complete with ghetto style repeating vox. Simple, effective and deadly.

Repent keeps the swagger from the downbeat edit but adding an ebbing flange with tougher vox doubling up as percussive elements. Heavy like lead this with that crunchy wet feel. It locks that groove down and delivered repeated blows. Heading midway into the track and we’ve a big and growing synth line. Simply massive track this with all the right elements in all the right places. Perfect to slam in towards the end of a set. The growl from 4minutes just kicks in taking the track up a level.

Taking no prisoners from the off comes Strap On. In your face business bridging that line between Detroit, electro, and broken techno. This thing is jackin’ hardcore style. Those hats in the 2nd half of the track. Wow.

Closing up this release is Wet Level. The aliens are trapped in this rolling beast and they want out. Twisted, yet retaining that dancefloor aim. Can’t wait to hear this on a proper sound system. Intricately simple and deadly effective.

If you want a serious flex on your sound system complete with Detroit heavy, rolling, jackin beats I don’t think you’re going to find a better release than this one from Galaxian. Seriously impressive, Galaxian is a major force in electro. Essential listening.

Galaxian – Repent

Galaxian – A Fighter
Galaxian – False Flag
Galaxian – Autorun
Galaxian – If You Want
Galaxian – Monom
Galaxian – Repent (downbeat edit)
Galaxian – Repent
Galaxian – Strap On
Galaxian – Wet Level


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