Paul Blackford – Smiley’s Nightmare on Militant Science

Paul Blackford, the man who together with Kronos Device and Stormfield tore the 100th Mantis Radio (live) apart adds another release to his already strong and solid discography.

Smiley’s Nightmare is familiar territory for Blackford fans; with those fast paced bass electro breaks that he is an undisputed master of. Part deep part upfront slamming this EP continues and builds on the recent work from Blackford on last years frankly wicked Escape From The Planet Of The Robot Monsters album on Binalog and March’s Tudor Beats released Dream Sequence EP.

Opener Smiley’s Dream is a deep and mature piece of pure electro sci-fi. Going back to that place that his Dream Sequence EP released Voyager 2 track went (one of my favourite cuts of his yet) with a headspace trip of lush synth and locked down groove.

Smiley’s Nightmare is that bit harder and darker with trademark bass synth stabs. This is Blackford doing what he does best; dancefloor slamming electro breaks with heavyweight sub. Few compare.

Circus Drones is something almost entirely different, in that it’s beatless. This is a side of him we’ve not really heard much of before. Is this a taster of a new direction for him? I’m not sure but I’m eager and hopeful to hear more experiments.

Available at a price to cover hosting costs (£0.60) direct from Militant Science if you want lossless/WAV quality. If you just want it for your iPod and living room, grab the free download here.


Paul Blackford – Smiley’s Dream
Paul Blackford – Smiley’s Nightmare
Paul Blackford – Circus Drones


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