the Darkfloor Daily – 01.10.2013

Now available on Battery Park Studios is Oh Yeah by bass terrorist – Paul Blackford. It comes backed with remixes from Phat Chex, Radioactive Man, Blackmass Plastics, Ali Berger, Lion FX, Mossman and Screwtec.

Swarm Intelligence and Rory St John are both formidable producers – their sound palette often brutal and deliciously heavy. Their DJ sets are equally intense. Here’s Swarm’s set from last years Krake Festival recorded at Suicide Circus, August 11th 2012.

Bullets and Ballards from Rory St John is a fantastic and brilliant IDM and beyond 50 minutes of electronics. Taking tracks from Coil, Scorn, Autechre, Chris Clark, Tipper, Grovskopa, Venetian Snares, Speedy J and Richard D James AKA Aphex Twin.

Continuing on an electro tip, digital imprint Lasergum just released Countermeasures Remixed, remixing W1b0 are J-T Kyrke, Romplex, Alaxux and The Hidden Persuader.

It’s no secret that at Darkfloor we’re fans of witch house and the myriad of sub genres and abstractions it encompasses. COVENFVCK  is a HUGE comp of tracks from Witchbook may have been out 2 years already but with 85 tracks it’s gonna take a while to digest properly. In an effort to help, the label enlisted Textbeak to mix up the compilation – check out parts 1, 2 and 3.

All last week I was going through an external HD in the studio – discovering old mixes, and albums I’ve lost since forgotten about. One gem I have rediscovered is an interview by Matt Warren with the legend that is Mick Harris better known as Scorn.

Together they cover everything from Napalm Death and early collaborations on part 1 – to Scorn, Lull and Quoit and post Napalm Death on part 2. In part 3 Warren and Harris discuss collaborations and plans for the future on  (bearing in mind this was recorded before his album Stealth and of course, before his retirement of the Scorn name last year). Nevertheless, it offers a great insight into the history and story of a fantastic producer and musician and a personal musical hero.

Keeping things noisey, Dave Paton (he of the wee djs), has made available his 2009 NOB album First. Recorded with Norman Shaw First is a grating electro-acoustics projection of frequencies.

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