Mantis Radio 100 + Kronos Device + Paul Blackford + Stormfield + The Inventors of Aircraft

by on February 21, 2012 in Broadcasts

So, in case you missed it, 2 weeks ago we celebrated and broadcast our 100th Mantis Radio show. To mark the occasion we threw a live event from London. Here’s what happened.

The Inventors of Aircraft

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The Inventors of Aircraft – Untitled Intro
The Inventors of Aircraft – We Have Arrived
The Inventors of Aircraft – Calling Out My Goodnights
The Inventors of Aircraft – The Tower
The Inventors of Aircraft – Black Mountain Choir

Paul Blackford

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Paul Blackford – Fugitive
Paul Blackford – Terrorists
Paul Blackford – Bionic Commando
Paul Blackford – Force Field
Paul Blackford – Return of the Bionic Bassline
Paul Blackford – Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters
Paul Blackford – Night Drive Through Addlestone
Paul Blackford – ED-209
Paul Blackford – Bass by Dope Demand
Paul Blackford – The Fly
Paul Blackford – Ghetto Blaster
Paul Blackford – Mode 2
Paul Blackford – Voyager 2


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Under Konstruktion – Square [Noctambular]
MOTOR – Man Made Machine (Black Asteroid remix) [CLR]
Djedjotronic – Walk With Me [BNR Trax]
Dettmann – Landscape (Answer Code Request remix) [Music Man]
Anodyne – Mr Nightmare [Acroplane]
David Meiser – Waves of Pressure (mental remake) [unreleased]
Voidloss – Diaphanous Fever of Dreams [Singularity]
AFX – Phloam [R&S]
Dipole – Electron Cloud [Sonic Groove]
Mike Ash – Cylonic Beats [unreleased]
KingThing – Miraculeux [Furioso]
lapse – a better place [unreleased]
Secure Unit – Warfare [Lucky Break Recordings]

Kronos Device

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no playlist


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Ontal – Chaos Theory [unreleased]
Vaetxh – Clipper (Subjex Origamix) [Kind Deluxe]
Fausten – Evisceration [Combat Recordings]
Fausten – Stolz auf Stehpinkeln [Combat Recordings]
Ontal – Centrifugal Force [unreleased]
ScanOne – Gangsta Riddim (Roel Funcken remix) [Outside Recordings]
Anodyne – Empire of Light (Subjex remix) [Combat Recordings]
Dadub – Perseverance [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
Oscar Mulero – 7 Kinds of Sin [Token]
Cursor Miner – Undecidable [Combat Recordings]



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RRose – A With All Faces Bleached Out
RRose – Worn Scarred
Svalastog – Pine Solution
Deepchord Presents Echospace – Symbolism In Transition
Surgeon – Bad Hands (Roly Vexed Mix)
Kanding Ray – Pruitt Igoe (Ben Frost Demolition)
Pinch – Blow Out The Candle
Hyetal – Dime Piece
Goth Trad – Anti Grid
Sei A – Starjar
The Village Orchestra – Dwyer
Robert Lippock – Whitesuperstructure
Solar Bears – Twin Stars
Leila – Not Having That
Floating Points – Danger
Sense – 40dae
Robert Logan – Budapest
Jon Hopkins – Vessel
Raime – This Foundary (Regis Version)
Cova – Lacre


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Dub Phyzix & Skeptikal ft Strategy – Marka [Exit]
Martsman – Klikoucha [Offshore]
Dub-One – Volcon [Xtinction Agenda]
ASC – Make Me Feel [Auxilliary]
dBridge, Instra:mental & Skream – Acacia Avenue [Autonomic]
dBridge – So Lonely (Consequence rmx) [Exit]
dBridge & Instramental – Detroid [Autonomic]
Rick James – Horrorface [Ruff Revival]
Sam KDC – Betrayal [Channel 82]
Aphex Twin – Come To Daddy (Pappy mix) [Warp]

100 Shows

Headlining, if you will, our main guests of the evening were Kronos Device who delivered an hour of their finest work; loud and direct from their vinyl back catalogue. Their set stormed the venue and was a rare chance to see the Kronos Device in action.

Showing support we drafted in four previously showcased guests who have graced our show over the five years and counting of broadcast. Due to health issues Blackmass Plastics was unfortunately unable to perform.

The vibe in the venue from when we opened until we closed was electric, such a positive vibe was felt in that room; if you made the effort of coming down to the venue, thank you. It was both a special and testing time for me with this. Special as the sets were each unique and quite awesome, and testing as we attempted to broadcast the evening not only on regular Mantis Radio home Future Music, but also to stream it via the video streaming service those folk over at Livestream provide. On paper, not an overly stressful thing you might think.

After we had plugged everything in and went ‘live’ we kept losing our internet connection which is why the video recordings from the night are so sparse, net connection dies, the video streaming reset and didn’t allow us to save what it had broadcast up to that point. You live and learn.

A big thank you to those of you who stuck with us online with all the sound issues and dropouts and camera resets. However, streaming with Future Music, we’ve got a pretty decent recording of the evening which just the one noticeable break in transmission during my own set.

Conversely though if you were in the venue things would have felt pretty smooth and consistent, other than the odd frantic rewiring as we changed over guests.

As it happens we might be doing another evening in the next few months, but it’s too early to say just yet. As folk often say, watch this space.

A massive thank you to Phil, Paul, Phil, Si, Derek, Ian, Stacey, our support DJs UrsaMal and Laica who both delivered great sets and some much needed logistics support during the event and Jamie and James at the venue.

I know you’ve been waiting for these archives and here they are. Enjoy, and thank you for listening and supporting the show over the years, here’s to the next 100.


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