NX1 – Semantica42 on Semantica

Semantica present 2 tracks of bass heavy techno pressure from duo NX1.

Two variations on a theme, the theme being a relentless rugged onslaught of drums and bass.

From a simple start the tracks just build and build, this is a far from minimal affair from the constantly on point Semantica; demented chord stabs, crackles, re-verb drenched synths and bass, lots of bass.

NX1 is made up of 2 producers from Spain, Joan Sureda (Surit) and Tomas Bernabe (Samot). Two producers that I know next to nothing about so far, But I fully intend to check them out based on this one EP.

SR1, from when it opens is held aloft by its constant snare rolls that really push it on-wards, This is the sound of a demented future carnival, a carnival where percussion is king. SR2 has a slightly more stripped opening and is a more late night affair, but is equally as effective. Since these tracks have been in my possession I have come back to them time and time again and I imagine they will stay in my bag way into the future.

This is really where Techno is at for me right now, with an eye on both the future and the past. Fans of Regis, Ancient Methods: eyes open.


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