Josco – 0611 / Somehow Recordings

The work of one Gerry McDermont, Josco is a musician based in Thailand. Offering up his first EP for Somehow Recordings (their 19th), 0611 is a 3 track collection built with almost pure sounding beat-less waves of shimmering drone. Thou relatively short for ambient music (the longest of the 3 is but 4 minutes and 30 seconds), the pieces convey their emotions very confidently in their time-space.

Denial / Realisation is a quite aptly named opening piece laying down a calming yet inquisitive progression. Crossing the fine line between ambient music and modern classical. An Echo is the 2nd and as established the longest piece presented herein. A deeper and resultantly little bit darker of a piece. Ice cold and isolated it presents an almost narrative feel to the sound flows over itself.

Finally the second of the couldn’t-be named-better pieces; Epilogue ends this strong introduction to the production work and journey presented as Josco. Strongly sci-fi with in my opinion a lovely nod to the classic THX brand ident video by Lucasarts / Skywalker Sound.

In conclusion, I like it, you’ll like it too.

Josco – 0611

Josco – Denial / Realisation
Josco – An Echo
Josco – Epilogue

released 20 May 2011
All Sounds by Gerard McDermott.
Mastering by Ian Hawgood.


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