Alkaloid Desperado – Garden Of The Star on Spatial Foundation

The next release from Spatial Foundation has been let free and as with the previous works in the series, it’s available for free download.

I’m actually pretty surprised to find I haven’t written about Spatial before; I’ve been enjoying their sounds for long enough.

Some of you will be familiar with the name: Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia; some of you will be more than familiar with that name.

Spatial Foundation is a continuation of the sound aesthetic much lauded in the 90s from the Dutch collective and it brings in connected artists, side projects and the like. A combination of re-released lost classics, fresh new material and stuff that never saw the light of day the first time around.

Peter Koedoot:
After ISIS and Hidden Records it seemed the time for a change in direction. No more printing/distributing records but a base where old releases are easily found and new stuff readily available.

All music @ Spatial Foundation is either made by me, my friends or a combination thereof. Just for fun I’ll toss in the occasional movie or book I like.

Produced by Alkaloid Desperado, Garden Of The Star falls into the new material camp. It’s seven beatless excursions into deep space orbit around your mind and as with the best ambient music it operates somewhere between sounds filling the space and music that has structure, with but the subtlest of drives forward. Meganeura feels as though you are lost in a tripped out dream drone of Wonka’s factory after hours, when all the Oompa Loompa’s have clocked off for the day and old Willy’s toking on a particularly strong jazz cigar. There is the lightest hint of acid deep within this album.

Entrophia is like a hazy rocket seen through dusty binoculars building up its engines for one final blast off the muted tone landscape into the great beyond.

Wonderful stuff throughout, future retro soundscapes rarely sound so good.


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Alkaloid Desperado – Meganeura
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Alkaloid Desperado – Garden Of The Star


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