Imaginary Forces – All Is Forbidden on Sleep Codes

The London producer Imaginary Forces self-released his All Is Forbidden EP back in late February.

It’s sat in my iPod playlists ever since, and no doubt shall remain for some time yet. In many ways, though I’m not sure if it’s intended as such, it’s a postscript to the captivating sound design electronics work of last year’s LP Uppstigande on aural brutalism go to guys Ohm Resistance.

From the beginning drone of All Is Forgiven into the bleak throb of Dead Fingers Talk, the EP is another notch on Anthoney J Hart’s already impressive discography. Dead Fingers Talk goes into a dark, evolving world of tones, waves and dread. There is a sense of ultimate doom that the regular almost grinding forward march of that bassline takes us ever closer to.

Broken Halves goes into distorted stringed like sheets of greyscale sound reducing itself down to about as minimal as it go without being silenced before enveloping your ears with high pitched machine scream. As the abrasive sound works its way in deep we move into Infraction. Intentionally grating, ever ebbing and oscillating with stereo panning and the high pitched machine scream making a return. Beats build out of the discourse into an effective though abstract techno plough. Sound dropouts, emphasis and reduction move the track on into a more industrial grind, not heavy but unsettling as the space the sound generates works your ears, creating for me, a more intense listen than perhaps you initially were giving the track.

Closer The Empty Amulet is a gentle beatless piece of ambient iridescence. A very meditative piece.

If you missed his quite awesome showcase session for Mantis Radio, have no fear it’s forever archived and available.


Imaginary Forces – All Noise Is Forbidden
Imaginary Forces – Dead Fingers Talk
Imaginary Forces – Broken Halves
Imaginary Forces – Infraction
Imaginary Forces – The Empty Amulet


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