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Mantis Radio 203 – Submerged

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In session US drum & bass don and Ohm Resistance label boss Submerged. Hear new music from Dilla, Dalhous, Sunil Sharpe, Xiu Xiu, MGUN, Silk Road Assassins, and Kyoka.

Peder Mannerfelt – Limits to Growth [Peder Mannerfelt]
Silk Road Assassins – Shaded [Planet Mu]
protoU – Static Memories [Cryo Chamber]
Assembler – Neo Shanghai Mainframe [Infinite Waves]
J Dilla – Trucks [Mass Appeal]
Dalhous – Running Sheets [Blackest Ever Black]
Simon Shreeve – A SA [Downwards]
MGUN – Nobs [Don’t Be Afraid]
exm – Nonima – Dian Lun [Section 27]
Sunil Sharpe – Test Request [On The Hoof]
Kyoka – Smash-Hush [Raster-Noton]
The Soft Pink Truth – Are You Looking? [The Soft Pink Truth]
Xiu Xiu – Laura Palmer’s Theme [Polyvinyl Record Company]

Submerged vs. Bill Laswell – Temporal Portal [Ohm Resistance]
Submerged – This Dream Called Human Life [Retox]
Enduser – Absence [Suicide Audio]
Temulent – Emperor [Ohm Resistance]
Diasiva – Resist [Ohm Resistance]
Medium – Deadfall [Ohm Resistance]
Temulent – Proletariat [Ohm Resistance]
Diasiva – Tankstrip [Ohm Resistance]
Medium – Blood Vision [Ohm Resistance]
Portishead – SOS [tease]
Counterstrike – Rotten to the Core [Algorythm]
Submerged ft. Alex Boniwell – Positive Anger [Black Hoe]
Submerged + R8 of Change – Screen Hunt [Obliterati]
Submerged ft. Alex Boniwell – Burn Everything to Cinder [Black Hoe]
Quoit vs. Submerged – El Topo [Ohm Resistance]
Speak Onion – With Unclean Hands [Ohm Resistance]
DEFCE – Death Insurance [Ohm Resistance]
Zerfallmensch – Dirt Worship [Ohm Resistance]
My Bloody Valentine – Blown a Wish [High Fader]
Speak Onion – The Sun is in Syringes [Ohm Resistance]

Featured Guest

Strap in for a rough one tonight as we’ve a fierce, relentless and quite frankly filth ridden session from Ohm Resistance’s label boss Submerged (Kurt Gluck).

A black magic spell of illumination by fire.

A bastion of the harder side of drum n bass, through his own productions and collabs, to releasing material from Quoit (Mick Harris’s drum n bass project), Scorn, End.User, Method Of Defiance, Fanu, Imaginary Forces, Merzbow, DEFCE and grindcore/metal/dnb supergroup The Blood of Heroes. On the cusp of a new album dropping, a collaborative work with the prolific bass maestro Bill Laswell, Gluck’s session gives an intense view into the sounds of Ohm Resistance. You have been warned, this goes to 11 and beyond.

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