Global Goon – Carbon / Upitup

Some had feared Global Goon had hung up his production hat and retired. Not so; as Carbon, a 13 track album is released on netlabel Upitup.

Johnny Hawk, the once Rephlex signed and Richard D James housemate; the real life manifestation behind the Global Goon remains a unique sound in the world of acid laden electronica of which he practices.

As I’ve mentioned before on Darkfloor, thou his work is much loved by those you know who he is, many who like the sound seem unaware of his work and many years service at his craft. This was part of reason I invited him onto Mantis Radio in July. At the time Goon mentioned to me a new album he was working on, this isn’t it, but it’s a welcome detour. The album E.I.C. is on the horizon with Goon having announced it has gone to the pressing plant, with an impending release on his own J-Hok imprint.

As far as his Carbon release goes what can you expect? Well, the trademark Goon flexing his ample talent no less, from slow tempo playful headspace pieces to bigger, dancefloor aimed jams. Work such as Hexadunk take you head first into the world of the Goon. Playfully demented, a recurring theme that forms of the core of Carbon.

It’s hard to pick a favourite from these 13, thou Cyheflon for its upbeat electro skiffle is a strong candidate.

This is otherworldly, bizarre, exciting and warm hearted acid powered music. Enjoyable throughout from Threndominium to Ooi.

Hello again Mr. Goon.

Global Goon – Carbon

Global Goon – Threndominium
Global Goon – Grenfeld
Global Goon – Hexadunk
Global Goon – ACDCKLF
Global Goon – Isered
Global Goon – Hjor
Global Goon – Ugharthinios
Global Goon – Gogarth
Global Goon – Cyheflon
Global Goon – Kefweth
Global Goon – Minkonia
Global Goon – Dopre
Global Goon – Ooi


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