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Dishing out an exclusive hardware session for Mantis Radio, it is none other than the Rephlex affiliated elusive Global Goon.

Nonima – Karmadebt [Section27]
Dead TV Society – Existing In A Single Copy [Noxgenus]
Dadavistic Orchestra – Teh Meh Teh Meh
Sigha – The Black House [Blueprint]
Isotroph – Lymbes [F4T Music]
Max Duley – Electric Olive [ARC(ANE)]
Cornelia – Aquarius Dreams (DVA’s Hi-Emotion mix) [Camp Mozart]
Hodge – Boy & Girl [Gradient Audio]
Surgeon – Muggerscum Out (Alex Smoke remix) [Soma]
Mazzula – Weather Wash [unreleased]
Lifecycle – Correcting Fluid [Ricochet Records]
Lifecycle – Euphorics 101 [Ricochet Records]
Solypis – I Will Always Be Your Solieri [Sunwarped Records]
Lone Wolf – Blade [Black Hoe Recordings]
Om Unit vs Lorn – Obsidian [unreleased]
Nonima – pH1 [Section27]
Surgeon – Those Who Do Not [Dynamic Tension]
Dr. Schmidt – Gunhed [Maschinen Musik]
Om Unit – The Timps [Civil Music]
Perc – London, We Have You Surrounded [Perc Trax]
Alan Morse Davies – Spitsbergen [theCentrifuge]

Global Goon – Quanital pietr
Global Goon – Topish Magnamor
Global Goon – Rodingerry Fengkx
Global Goon – Tellingtime Topmorf
Global Goon – Socamor Rododindong
Global Goon – Kenworthy Saint Michaels
Global Goon – Darkfood Dendrichon
Global Goon – Smosh the Bifters
Global Goon – Sensit Osensit
Global Goon – Wikkity Masters
Global Goon – Spanish McGerman
Global Goon – Liptops
Global Goon – Quotator
Global Goon – Quinx


His first album Goon saw the light on Rephlex Records back in 1996 whilst he was sharing a house in London with Richard D. James (Aphex Twin), Tom Jenkinson (Squarepusher), Chris Jeffs (Cylob) and Grant Wilson-Claridge (who alongside James is responsible for Rephlex). Rumours abounded following his debut release that it was an alias for Aphex Twin, and this persisted still with his Cradle of History release 2 years later.

In the early part of the last decade Johnny left Rephlex to start his own label J-Hok Records where he has released several albums and EPs. I was pretty late to the game with Mr Goon only really getting into his sound after hearing last year’s Earwig album on Myuzyk. In a way to make amends I’ve great pleasure in welcoming his acid heavy electronica flexing to the show.

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