Savier - The Fountain Of Perpetual Decrepitude

Pre-order Savier’s – The Fountain of Perpetual Decrepitude

We’re very happy to share with you all the news that on Friday, March 30th we will release something new. Something from Scotland’s Savier.

Today we make The Fountain of Perpetual Decrepitude available to pre-order. Limited to 50 copies on yellow cassettes, and unlimited digital formats.

From it, hear Bulk Bogan – which is one of two tracks that the pre-order includes.

The Fountain of Perpetual Decrepitude‘s eight shard doomtronic assault marks Savier’s debut proper for Darkfloor Sound. Having previously released as one half on Savagen on 2014’s Practically Educated (DRKFLR004), and one of 3 artists who remixed Aaleph (DRKFLD001), Mild Maynyrd’s commentary on US social ills at the end of 2016.

Hear Grooming Dead Rats, as broadcast on Mantis Radio 257.

This release is split between one side of original content, and one of remixed material. Providing their ample skills on the remix tip we have versions from Submechanical (one half of 3by3’s much missed Cloaks), Acre Recordings’ C Mantle under his twisted beats guise Opine Kosinsky, the dark soundscape master Herd (included in the pre-order), Slowfoot and Projekt’s percussion maestro Robert Logan, cinematic industrialist Metalogue, Bombardier’s 5th of July project, and our own duo, A Vengeance.

Each compliment and disrupt Savier’s original material to great effect.


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