The Last King of Scotland from Opine Kosinsky

Scottish electronics pushers Acre Recordings present 3 tracks from their resident mystery – Opine Ko$insky. An entity who thinks it’s perfectly fine to have a $ sign in his name under some drug addled belief it’s some kind of cool street cred. And in that spirit comes his EP – The Last King of Scotland – a mixture of influences smashed together into something actually pretty decent (don’t tell him or he’ll expect special treatment).

Opener The Last King of Scotland is a ragga crunch hip-hop joint of electronics with lift pings, stolen vocal samples, and, it pains us to say this, a proper dope roll to it. Bitch, this shit ain’t shit – it’s fine. His taste in gabba kick thuds are all present and correct and in many respects this is like downtempo grooves from Essex’s nutjob Hellfish. Then again it’s Opine Ko$insky shoving his noise down your throat. Your mother won’t like it.

Swallow and ask for seconds.

Which he’ll offer with a ‘version’ of that track we were just talking about – this one exists in a sort of jungle parallel dimension beamed in from your cracked microwave. Paranoid and groovy with more krunk and slithers of funk bass than that original.

Have problems with your neighbours? Play this loud and revel in their admiration for your thoughtful taste and all round decency. Trust us. Or don’t. We won’t lose any sleep over it. You might though.

Also included on this questionable EP is Guaranteed Fantastic – a noisey brewer with what we can only describe as metallic mind leakage dribbling from the depths of toaster hell, limping into your mundane existence intent on shedding its skin all over your shiny Bruce Springsteen records.

All that can be said is sorry.
The authorities have been notified.
But, it won’t stop.


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