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Sturqen – Toxinas

Our favourite Portuguese abstract technoid noise duo Sturqen offer up a brand new slab of brutalist electronic filth for public consumption: Toxinas. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

One of our forum community members posted a link to Toxinas, we hadn’t yet seen it on our radar screen, so shouts to ubk for the heads up there.

Spanish for toxins, Toxinas by Sturqen’s David Arantes and César Rodrigues is intense, alien, purely electronic and fantastic. Fantastic if barely restrained rinseglitch techno abstraction is your thing. If pretty flowers and Neil Sedaka songs are your thing, then mate, you’re a lost cause to us at this hive. My words can’t really do this justice, so just click play on the player below.

You see? Rather good isn’t it. And whilst they’ve got your attention and you’re continuing to read this, grab their excellent Raia album. Available as a name-your-price download it is raw techno based electronics like very few even come close to. Album closer Kepler is a particular favourite of mine.


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