Global Goon – Earwhig / Myuzyk

The netlabel Myuzyk have been knocking out some superb releases over the past few years and this, their latest release from Global Goon, continues in that fashion. Entitled Earwhig, the album is composed of nine acid drenched electronica tracks. Do have a look around their label site as, like us here at Darkfloor, Myuzyk don’t limit themselves to one genre of music, and they are harbouring many aural gems.

Selected from an archive of music made over the past two years, the Earwhig album is the first collection of tracks from Johnny Hawk since 2008.  Varying tempo and mood is attended to with Goon stylings that fans will be familiar with from previous releases, also there are new ideas explored.  Experiments in downtempo and cut n paste sway alongside disco, house and acid. Varied and distinctly the work of one man, Earwhig is fun but also spiky, loose and at the same time well sprung.

Get the bug and pass it around your friends.

Global Goon – Earwig

Global Goon – Septagonaloblonged
Global Goon – Clatterly
Global Goon – Pcziiki
Global Goon – Vocallons
Global Goon – Fewdsq
Global Goon – Suptintoptinkl
Global Goon – Bruuuk
Global Goon – Qwala Nut
Global Goon – Mulcheddar

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